"Heather is great to work with and really knows the real estate business, the Seattle market and most importantly people! Heather has been my real estate agent twice - once when I first moved to Seattle and just recently when I sold my condo. Both times were a dream! She was able to find me a place which fit all my needs and was a great area to live in. Selling the condo in a "down" market was no easy feat, but with great advice on staging, pricing and outstanding marketing, the condo sold when there were very few others selling in the area. Heather will be my real estate agent of choice when there is another move in my future!" ...from Sue

"Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for your patience and professionalism during the past few weeks of getting the house together, on the market and sold! We're really pleased with the outcome, and realize that we could have never achieved such a solid result without your guidance and support." ...from Fred & Adam

"I don't think Lisa and I can ever thank you enough for providing such an easy first experience. I've heard horror stories about buying a home for the first time; but your professionalism, task management and tenacity is what truly granted us the home. You're the best!" ...Jim & Lisa

"I don't think Lisa and I can ever thank you enough for providing such an easy first experience. I've heard horror stories about buying a home for the first time; but your professionalism, task management and tenacity is what truly granted us the home. You're the best!" ...from Jim & Lisa

"The services provided by Heather were top notch and professional every step of the way. Through the process, she helped me be knowledgeable about the decisions I was making, and she was honest to protect me from situations I would be uncomfortable. The end result gave me everything on my "must have" list with plenty of room for me to develop the place into my HOME. I do not exaggerate to say the home I found is the perfect one for me! Working with Heather was exactly the type of support I needed. Thank you!!" ...from Erica

"Heather helped my husband and I buy our first house. She was patient, thorough and answered all of our thousands of questions! She was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood we were searching and knew the little details to look for in houses. She did an excellent job identifying what we were looking for in a house and pre-screening houses to show us the ones that best fit our criteria! She is also very personable and made the process very fun!" ...from Lisa (and Nat)

"I have worked with Heather twice: once to sell my home, and once to purchase a home. My experience in working with her was excellent in both situations, and I have since recommended her to friends, family and colleagues. Heather approached her job with professionalism, expertise, and the utmost attention to her customers. Buying and/or selling a home is an emotional and, at times, stressful process, and having a competent, reliable agent working on your behalf is so critical. I always felt supported through every step of the process; whether it was advice on staging my home for prospective buyers, debating the pros and cons of a neighborhood, reviewing condo association paperwork with a fine-toothed comb, or preparing and handling the negotiations of a bid, I had every confidence that my agent was knowledgeable in her advice and motivated by my best interests. I believe that I got the best price for the home I was selling, and made the right home-buying decision for me on the home that I'm currently living in due to her expertise and guidance as my real estate agent." ...from Lindsay

"My husband and I hired Heather shortly after my job relocated me to Seattle. We were not only first time home buyers but we were also clueless about Seattle neighborhoods. Our process was not the easiest because of some difficult sellers, but Heather kept us calm and focused on our goals through the emotional process. She kept our best interest in mind and found us a home we love." ...Pam (and Kevin)

"I bought my first home with Heather's help and would highly recommend her. She was very helpful and on top of everything throughout the process. She is the best!" ...Trina (and Jake)

"You know how to make your clients very happy, and I hope to be able to send someone your way again!" ...Amy

"Heather is a great agent. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. She was very dedicated and worked very hard on an especially thorny real estate transaction we were interested in. Thanks for all your time and hard work, Heather." ...Stacy (and Paul)

"Heather did an excellent job in managing my expectations and orchestrating the deal from pre-financing to acceptance, and she exceeded my expectations during the inspection when she coordinated the counter-offer back to the seller. Thanks for making it a great experience for me. I am very happy with the choice I made." ...Kathleen

"Designer cards, cover sheets and staging materials mixed with professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge in real estate got us the house we love! Thank you!" ...Tara (and John)

"Heather is a pleasure to work with and is very competent. She is punctual, courteous and an excellent communicator. She also handles stressful situations calmly and professionally." ...Tom

"Heather did a fantastic job helping us find a house. She has also helped us with real estate items in other geographies by providing her time and through recommendations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of assistance!" ...Brian (and Phoebe)

"Heather did a great job of explaining the process from start to finish, keeping in touch on a regular basis, and checking in with me as I prepared to move. When we decided on an asking price, Heather took me through all of her research regarding comparable properties, other home sales in my area, etc. - educating me on all the things that factored into that number - and truly included me in the decision...Short of packing all of my boxes for me and giving me regular foot rubs, I can't imagine any way she could have taken better care of me." ...Molly

"Excellent job pulling this offer together and making it happen. Wow! We beat out 14 other offers!" ...Jason